Business Process Design and Re-Engineering

Course Overview

Business processes rest at the center of all organizations and define the activities that must occur in order for the organization to produce results. Processes are the way of organizing a company's activities and resources that establish cross-functional coordination throughout the company for the purpose of creating value for customers, employees, shareholders, and all other stakeholders. The more organizations change, the more they must concern themselves with their stakeholder relationships, and the design and management of their processes so that organizations, people and technologies have a common business purpose.

Faced with a rapidly changing business environment, organizations are under pressure to effect dramatic performance improvements. Business process reengineering (BPR) improves productivity through redesign, innovation and the enabling power of modern technology. In this course, you gain the critical skills needed to implement BPR within your organization.

This training programme is designed to make the participant Increase the company’s Profit and Product Quality while Reducing the Time, Cost and Resources utilized in doing business. It is for everyone in the company who desires to improve the ways they do their work daily.

On average Participants complete this training course in 16 hours.

Key Take Aways / Benefits:

At the end of this course, participants will have:

• The most powerful techniques for process analysis.

• A clear, concise definition of process that can be used to evaluate each company's current process work.

• Ability to identify the “real” problems in a process.

• Practical process modeling and design techniques.

• An understanding of the various modeling notations, and when and how each can be used effectively to understand, communicate and analyze processes.

• How to plan and conduct facilitated sessions designed to gain information about processes.

• Tips and techniques for avoiding common pitfalls in process improvement projects.

The importance of properly managing the "people" aspect of process redesign