Integrated LEAN

Course Length: 3 Days

Course Goal

Upon completion of the Lean Manufacturing course, the participant has learned:

• The Lean philosophy and methodology

• The difference in the Lean methods and traditional manufacturing methods

• To identify value and non value added activities from the customer’s perspective

• Lean improvement methods such as value-add analysis, 5s and more

• The importance of and methods used to improve product flow, including:

+ Resource leveling

+ Work Balancing

+ Pull Systems

• The interrelation of key lean initiatives such as:

+ Value Stream Mapping

+ Kaizen

+ Standardized work

+ Mistake proofing

+ Total Production Maintenance

• To identify and analyze key processes as well as material and information flows within a value stream

• Where and how to begin the Lean Journey

Course Description

Participants in this Lean Manufacturing course learn the skills necessary to begin the Lean Journey and apply Lean techniques to reduce waste immediately on upon returning to their work environment. In fact, they leave with an action plan that allows them to improve the performance of their company within the first few days.

This experiential course includes several content delivery methods:

1. Hands on simulation that allows the participant to experience with the lean tools in a safe, constructive and exciting environment

2. Exercises that relate the simulation to each participants work environment while allowing the participant to learn from one another’s example

3. Example based course materials to stimulate thought

4. Diagnostic sheets and exercises to be applied to your work space.

Prerequisites for the Lean Office Course; None.