KAIZEN Training

Course Overview

Kaizen is a problem solving event that applies process improvement in a structured setting. The goal of Kaizen is to eliminate activities in processes that add cost but do not add value. A Kaizen Event is attended by the owners and operators of a process to make improvements to that process which are within the scope of the process participants. Kaizen Events are an extremely efficient method to quickly improve poor performing processes. If done correctly, Kaizen events are accomplished in 5 days or less.

This course is built around teaching key tools and techniques of Kaizen as well as real application to enhance learning. Kaizen principles are trained and then applied through a hands-on Kaizen Event Simulation Case Study. The training course is very interactive and emphasizes problem solving and presentation of outcomes. The course contains 5+ hours of online course work which includes many exercises to practice and apply key concepts and tools learned. When completed, course participants will have a solid foundation on how to successfully facilitate their own Kaizen Events.

On average Participants complete this training course in 16 hours.

Key Take Aways / Benefits:

• Understand the fundamental principles of Kaizen

• Gain Kaizen Business Performance Improvement Experience

• Introduce KAIZEN as an improvement tool supporting Lean

• Complete Exercises to apply Tools and Techniques to a case study simulation

• Introduce the Techniques and Tools necessary to facilitate Kaizen events

• Understand how KAIZEN supports Enterprise Value Stream Mapping and the

Future State Implementation Plan

• Introduce KAIZEN as a tool that reinforces Team behaviors

• Introduce a culture of change