Six Sigma Executive Overview

Course Length: 1 Day (per customers' requirements)

Course Goal:

Upon completion of the Lean Six Sigma Executive Overview course, the participant has learned:

• The Six Sigma philosophy and methodology

• How Six Sigma impacts the organization's bottom line

• How Six Sigma is used in service-oriented organizations

• Keys to greatly improving customer satisfaction

• The inner workings of each phase in the DMAIC methodology

• How to implement Six Sigma in your organization

His/or her management role within the Six Sigma implementation

Course Description

Six Sigma goes beyond traditional quality improvement because it is first and foremost a business initiative. Each Six Sigma project must result in a positive financial impact on the organization's bottom line. For a Six Sigma implementation to be successful, however, management must not only support the Six Sigma initiative but also understand it. This Lean Six Sigma Executive Overview course introduces executives to Lean Six Sigma’s logical approach to process improvement that helps organizations differentiate themselves from their competition by doing things better, faster, at lower cost, and with less waste. Course participants learn about implementation approaches, the DMAIC methodology, the extent of their personal involvement required, the organizational resources required, and the organizational roadblocks that need to be removed to make Six Sigma a success.

Who should take the Six Sigma Executive Overview course

This course is ideal for CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Senior Managers and even Board Members who would like to learn about what Six Sigma is and how it can be implemented to greatly improve their organization.

Prerequisites for the Six Sigma Executive Overview course: None.